AI Teachers Proven to be Better than Human Teachers

You may have heard of artificial intelligence (AI), but you haven’t heard of what’s happening in Chinese classrooms. Yi Xue, an education technology company in China, focuses on junior high education and uses AI to test students’ knowledge to an incredible level of detail.

Students start by taking a set of problems and Yi Xue’s system analyzes their capability for the skills required on college entrance exams. Based on the students’ abilities, the AI creates a tailored knowledge plan and helps the student train in the areas where they’re lacking via online work and offline tutoring.

They use Bayesian networks for building up tailored profiles for each student and Yi Xue has been able to prove that their system can teach students more effectively than highly trained teachers.

In October of 2017, Yi Xue held a competition for real teachers versus their AI computer teaching system. Over four days, 78 junior high students and three teachers with an average of 17 years teaching experience each, were run through a test.

The AI taught students raised their average scores by 36.13 points compared to the human teacher-led students who only raised their score by 26.18 points. Yi Xue’s AI-based system beat the experienced teachers by 38%.

Education is a sensitive area, but in China, it’s one of the most competitive and important aspects of a child’s upbringing. Any edge a parent can give their child is highly sought after and will be adopted at all costs.

The education technology industry is heating up in China and with an additional $45 million in investment, Yi Xue looks poised to be one of the leaders. Stay tuned because we may just see the global education revolution take place in China first.

source: forbes

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