Chinese Work Permit Calculator in English

In September, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs launched new services on WeChat for calculating scores related to Chinese work permit. The Government Has Launched a New Work Permit Service on WeChat. It’s a bit ridiculous that the service is for foreigners but all descriptions are Chinese.

Luckily! Here is an English version mini program, makes it friendlier for foreigners.

The photo above is the service pages of the Chinese Work Permit Scores Calculator.

What is Chinese Work Permit Points Scoring System? 

Before starting the test, we hope you fully understand the Chinese work permit scoring system. The total score of the system is 100, foreigners are divided into three different categories (A,B and C), representing groups with differing likelihoods of receiving a work permit from the government.

Scores are given by considering different factors of the applicants, including annual salary, work experience, age, education background, Chinese language skill, etc.

Spend One Minute to Calculate Your Scores!

Long press the QR code to access↑↑↑

All About The test

The test is divided into two parts, the first part is questions regarding your background and is made up of six questions. The second part is for earning extra credit through four “Yes” or “No” choice questions.

Part One

For the part of education background and Chinese skills, you can hit the icon on the right to choose answers.
Part Two

The second part is for extra credits, accounting for 5% of the points scoring system, as long as getting the “Yes” answer of one of these four questions, you can acquire five points.

Here, many people get confused by the definition of ‘high-level university’; unfortunately there is no clear or precise description we can find from the government’s documents. Our advice is that if you graduated from a globally high-ranking university, you can choose “Yes” as the answer.

What Does The Result Mean?

The result shows two parts, an overall assessment and points you obtain based on different items.

Category A
High-end Professionals (85 points and above), normally receive Chinese work permit of a year or longer, depending on the government.

Category B
Professional Personnel (60-85 points), normally receive a Chinese work permit of a year, 3 year is also possible, depending on the government.

Category C
Ordinary Applicants (below 60 points), normally receive a length of Chinese work permit of half a year, one year is also possible, depending on the government.

Do You Like The Mini Program?

This mini program shows you a clear analysis of your advantages and disadvantages for the application of Chinese work permit by presenting different scores based on relevant items.

All questions are based on the data of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Please feel free to share with us your experience after using it, we hope to make it better and bring more functions.

Source: HiTouch


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