Applying for a Family Visa? Check it out!

For many expats working or studying in China, family reunion is one the deepest desires of their hearts.


Here’s the complete application procedure to apply for family depenent visa. Let’s do it.

Visa Types

Depending on the trip’s purpose, family visas are classified as Q Visas and S Visas by the nature of the applying expats’ residence status in China: Chinese citizen (Q), permanent resident (Q) or temporary residents working, studying or in China on personal business(S) .

More specifically, Q visas and S visas are classified as Q1, Q2, S1 and S2 depending on whether his/her family member is staying within the territory of China for more than 180 days or not. Staying for a period longer than 180 days is classified as Q1 and S1. Otherwise, the visas are classified as Q2 and S2.


Supporting Documents

 1  Passport – original, Valid for more than 6 months (from the application date) and with at least 2 empty pages.

 2  A Photocopy of the passport’s information page.

 3  Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China.


You can complete the application form online and print it or download the form and complete it by hand.

 4  A Recent photo (light background)

 5  An Invitation Letter which include the invitee’s following information:

■ Personal Information:Name, Gender, Date of Born, etc;

■ Information Regarding Visit To China: Purpose of visit, Departure date, length of stay and relationship with inviter.

■ Inviter’s Information: Name, Contact Number, Address, Signature, etc.

 6  Identification certificates of inviter

(See which apply below based on the inviter’s resident situation):

■ Copies of Chinese ID card,for inviters who are Chinese citizen(Q);

■ Passport of inviter and his/her permanent resident card copies, for inviter who are permanent residence in China(Q);

■ Passport of inviter and his/her resident permit copies, for inviters who are temporary residence in China for working, studying or other personal affairs(S).

 7  Originals and copies of the relationship certificate between the inviter and invitee(the documents need to be notarized).


Doesn’t apply to the visa applications which the length of stay is less than     180 days.

Application Procedure 

Step 1

After preparing all the required documents as mentioned above. Make an appointment online before going to the Centre or risk suffering through hours of waiting during peak hours.

Step 2

Submit the application in person or authorize a third party to the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre. We suggest that you should apply  at least one month in advance but no earlier than 3 months.

Step 3

Get the waiting number from the center’s ticket machine and wait for your number to be called an window assigned.

Step 4

After the application had been submitted and received at the window, an application confirmation receipt will be issued to you. Save the receipt for use later on in the application process. The expected date and time to pick up your passport will also be on the application confirmation receipt.

Step 5

Bring the application confirmation receipt with you when picking up your passport. Service and visa fees will be charged when at the window when you retrieve your passport.

Special Reminders

■ If you are not applying from your home country, you should supply theoriginal certificates that prove your legal status, such as local work permit, study permit, or any legal resident certificates.

■ An Invitation letter can be faxed, copied or printed out. The original may be requested by the Chinese Embassy officer.

■ In some cases, Chinese Embassy officer have the right to ask the applicant foradditional supporting documents or even to request an interviews.

■ The Chinese Embassy officer have the right to make a final decision on whether to issue the visa, the effective date of the visa, and the number of entries allowed and the length of stay on the visa.


Source: Source:HACOS瀚客 Guide in China

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