Only a Few Days Remain: Online Job

Work City Any Country
Job Location At home
Job Description Working hour:7:00pm-9:00 pm BJ time from Monday to Friday
8:00am till 11:00am BJ time Saturday and Sunday
Teachers will be paid for the working hour not just the teaching hour
Minimum weekly working hours: 10 hours (More is preferred)
Class type: 1 on 2 Class length: 25 mins
Students age: from 5 to 10 years old
Job Requirements Native English speakers from the US and Canada
Clear pronunciation
1 year teaching experience at least
TEFL or TESOL certificate preferred
Bachelor degree at least
12$ /hour without classes scheduled
15$/hour with classes scheduled
Weekly Working Hours 10 Hours
Hourly Rate $12-$20
Other Benefits 12$ /hour without classes scheduled
15$/hour with classes scheduled
Monthly Incentive: Extra 1$ USD per hour will be provided for Perfect class completion rate ( perfect attendance, no class affected, no complaint from students )
Others: For every 600 teaching hours, teacher’s teaching rate will be increased by 1$ USD per hour


Location Established Company Size
Haidian District , Beijing 2015 Over 100

Sprout was initially formed in May of 2012. The goal of Sprout remains the same: to connect the highest quality of English speaking teachers with students, providing interactive small group lessons online. Each group contains between 3 – 5 students. And their ages range between 5 – 13 years old. This project uses a series of theories and methods to aid Chinese children in learning English effectively and also inspire their interest in learning. If you are an enthusiastic teacher who is interested in this program, please email us or contact us via Skype.


To apply, register here:

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