Time to Grow Up!

It’s August. It’s hot. It’s summertime for us here at the Hioffer headquarters in Beijing, China and satellite offices (USA, South Africa, Italy, Philippines, Thailand).

Yet…we are growing up. In other words, EXPANDING.

To be specific, our telecommuting (and in China) jobs will not only cover our specialty of ESL (English as a second language) Online Teaching, but a plethora of other professional fields such as International Marketing Specialist and SEO Expert.

China is expanding at an astronomical rate globally. Business insider magazine notes, “As growth slows in China and emerging markets start to pick up speed, China’s three largest tech conglomerates — Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent — are looking to expand their businesses globally, The Economist reports.”

Going global isn’t an easy task. “‘Going global’ is defined as the worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade, and communications integration. The concept of globalization can be traced back as far as the Roman Empire. More recently, the concept was popularized by Thomas L. Friedman in his book The World Is Flat, in which he argued that the pace of globalized trade, outsourcing, and supply chaining was speeding up and that its impact on business organizations and business practices would continue to grow in the 21st century.” Forbes magazine gets in on the latest happenings in China as well.

Even China’s tech start-ups are starting with the global marketplace rather than their own country.

Are you ready to get on the bandwagon? Join us in the growth and telecommuting careers from China.  More to come in Autumn… Ready. Set. Register.

Unlock your professional telecommuting career today.

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