Do You Speak English?

Have you had one of those days where you thought you could understand English but learned that you really don’t?

Yeah, me too–and I am a native speaker.  Rather, I thought I was until I started living and traveling in other English-as-the-main-language countries. In fact, I think I’ve had more “What?”, “Can you repeat that?”, and “I don’t understand anything you just said” moments and culture shocks in countries I thought I would understand everything.

This is why the following video is so interesting to watch. You learn a few differences as English teachers and are able to better understand your teaching language. It’s also fun too.


This is Cristina from the USA. She’s an online English language coach.  Check out her lessons and webpage:

How much to tip in the USA:
Understanding the cashier at the supermarket:
What Americans mean when they say “Let’s get together”:

Become fluent in English and have fun learning with my weekly video lessons on American English.

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