You Can’t Use Facebook in China! What?

What do you do if you are moving to China and can’t use your western internet services such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter!

The authorities in China blog access to these websites.  People who use these sites on a regular basis might be worried that they will not be able to access their favourite site because of the “Great Firewall of China.”  Never fear! Many residents on the mainland use virtual private networks (VPN) to access website that are blocked. So if you accept that English teaching job in China, you will not be left out to dry.

Using VPN is not illegal.  Although it is illegal to operate a VPN business in China, there is no law against individuals using an overseas VPN.  While using a VPN is legal it’s also legal for the government to block VPN traffic when and as they feel necessary and they do this often.  There is talk of banning VPN services; however, most people think it will not become a reality.

According to Lauren, and American who lived in China, it is a normal way of life.

For more information about VPN, signup, and Lauren:

Join the Fearless Fam!
by Lauren
“Before we left, the idea of using VPN in China freaked me out! In this video I give you enough information about The Great Firewall, VPN, and the internet in China so that you can feel totally comfortable with VPN the minute you land. I also talk about ExpressVPN which is the service I used for my laptop and as an app on my android (and imho the best and fastest VPN available). You’ll see an Express VPN tutorial and demo, as well as my review of the service. China internet censorship doesn’t have to keep you from the sites you love.”

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