Video: Welcome to Hioffer Europe

Where are you?

Check out the video below from Colina, Business Development Manager – Europe.


Are you registered as a teacher with Hioffer?  If yes, send me your video clips of the city you live and work. We’d love to post them here and on our Youtube channel.

You can contact us here!




  1. Dears,
    It is with pleasure that I send you a video of my Tunisia; a country that is rich with its culture-pot; and with the civilizations that it hosts.Our country is small; yet as rich and glorious with the diversity of the cultures it hosts. Here I will try to post the videos under my Youtube Channel but you can in the meantime have a look at my facebook page which link is underneath.


    1. Hello Senda, Wonderful! We would love to see the video. Are you already a registered teacher with us? If yes, let’s get your profile noticed! Send me your mp4 of your video and i’ll take a look to post on our YT channel. It’s great. Cheers.


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