Global Stories, Local Events

It’s not often that I am a ‘rah rah’ cheerleader these days; nevermind that in high school I was, in fact, a football cheerleader for some years–which pretty much sums up my personality…. somewhat. We all grow. We grow together as people, families, company teams, and countries.

Sometimes our work colleagues become close to us and we do our tasks even better as a team with great effect and efficiency. It’s even a greater accomplishment when teams are located all over the world and we only “see” each other through online medium.IMG_5962

Our global teams like to reach out to ESL teachers locally.  Each of our divisional offices at Hioffer likes to do local events. We had one last month in the United States (Florida) and we have Live meetup Q & A’s weekly where people from all over the world can tune in to talk, ask questions, learn about the ESL industry, and how to get a job.

Hioffer headquarters is located in Beijing, China with divisional offices in the USA, South Africa, Europe, Philippines, and Thailand.  Our Business Development Manager in Thailand, Yu, successfully brought people together for an ESL Teacher’s Assembly.

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Great work! We’re happy to get to know the ESL teachers in Thailand and all over the world so, all together let’s grow together and do a little cheer. Rah Rah!

About Hioffer – Hioffer is a leading job board that connects ESL/TEFL teachers with leading Chinese employers, featuring:

  • A database of legitimate Chinese schools and companies;
  • One of the most streamlined ESL teaching job application processes in the industry;
  • Our unique services include relocation assistance, salary protection, discounted teaching certificates and more!

For more information, please contact us.  Be a teacher and register for your next opportunity. You never know what will happen.

Are you an ESL Teacher in Thailand? Contact and connect with Hioffer Thailand for more information.


Written by Colina

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