The Best of Street Food in Beijing

We have hinted in the 6 reasons to move to China video, the food is amazing. Perhaps we are over-stating the obvious because everyone has different tastes. I live in Italy. The food here is also, to be slightly humble, amazing.  The main thing that is lacking and slowly becoming a hip new trend here in Italy is…street food.

This is where China excels with food. You can walk down the street smell the flavours permeate all of your senses and those which you didn’t know you had. You can giggle and the odd things that are consumed, but at the same time you are curious about the taste.

If you are an adventurous eater or just like tasting something wonderful, take an armchair travelers perspective by watching The Food Ranger’s video about street food in Beijing. A food tour that is unknown to most and takes you deep into the culture of food.


Maybe this will take you out of your chair and to your luggage. Pack for your adventure. Work in China. Discover something wonderful about another culture and, perhaps, about yourself.

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