Teacher Stories: An Experience Not to be Missed

In just about every article you find about teaching abroad, it will summarize that,

Teaching English abroad is a great way to make extra money and fulfill your wanderlust at the same time!

It sounds like a scam. The truth is that it’s true, but for the weary teacher-to-be traveller/expat, you want to find others that have experienced it AND give you the details to the point of over-exposure. Howard 1

Let me introduce you to Howard from the Philippines who spent 6 months in beautiful Jilin, China. We spoke with him to find out a little more information.

Tell us about the city you stayed in China?

I was lucky to stay in Jilin which is the Northeastern Chinese province bordering North Korea and Russia.

How long were you there?

I was there for 6 months.

Give me two words that best describe China.

I’m sure these two words will be different depending on the area one lives, but mine are: COOL AND CLEAN.

What is there to do in the city?

Sightseeing. Jilin is a winter destination for its ice-rimmed riverside trees. It’s quite breathtaking!

What is the cost-of-living?

The capital cities like Beijing and Shanghai (like in most parts of the word) it is more expensive to live than the smaller cities like Jilin. Compare cost of living here.

What did you find the most interesting?

By far, the mountains. Quite impressive.

Jilin 5

What was the most challenging?

Living in a small countryside city  has its challenges, but I would still do it again.

Tell me about the best experience you had with your students?

So far, my best experience was with my student and student’s mom who invited me to a hot pot dinner. Howard 3It was Christmas time so everyone was in a festive moodIt felt a little like my Birthday celebration because I was sitting at the table with a Santa Claus hat on blowing out a candle.

Tell me about the best experience you had with your colleagues?

I think every time we had meals together–whether it was lunch or dinner–the delicious food shared with conversation. We enjoyed our picture taking during this time.

What is the greatest lesson teaching in China has taught you?

To be flexible independent, responsible and to persevere by all means.

Would you recommend China as a go to place for aspiring English Teachers?


Would you go back?


About Howard Ryan

“I am a business graduate, but it is teaching that I have enjoyed ever since. My first teaching experience was with Korean and Chinese nationals in a language center. It was then followed by an online education company experience where we conducted 10 minutes of class per student. Given a chance,I would love to teach in a classroom setting and reach out to a variety of English learners.”

If you are ready to experience what it is like to teach English in China, take a look at our video of the 6 reasons you should move to China and contact us for more information about teaching, moving, and living in China.

For more information about Hioffer in the Philippines, please connect with us on Facebook.

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